The Complete Landing Page Course

My name Ben Emson, I love technology and have been building and selling software for 22 years. In that time I've tried lots of landing page options, and have been frustrated by all of them.

I want professional landing pages, hosted cheaply but reliably. I want them to integrate with my email, and allow me to capture email addresses and I want the ability to track and analyse my visitors behaviour.

So I've painstakingly pieced all these services together, to make this course. In fact, I hope it's the best course for creating, hosting and tracking landing pages.

My approach is amazingly flexible, and extremely reliable. The landing pages load incredibly quickly on any browser, and are very easy to maintain and run. Plus you can get all this, for the price of just the domain name (which you would have to buy anyway).

Finally my method isn't just for landing pages, it works for any static web site, and even some serverless applications.

So if you're fed up with landing page options that suck, come and learn my secrets. Also, why not sign up for my newsletter at the bottom of the page.

Many thanks, and I hope you enjoy it.
Ben Emson

  • Use Amazon AWS to host your landing page
  • Easy to understand DNS set up
  • Send and receive emails from your domain name
  • Capture email addresses for marketing
  • Set up landing page Google Analytics
  • Track and visualize visitor behaviours
  • Friendly no nonsense approach
  • Step by step videos
  • Money back guarantee, if you're not happy I'm not happy

Easy Step by Step Videos

I want anyone who can use a browser and a text editor, to be able to create landing pages. My course is structured as a sequence of videos that gradually builds and hosts this landing page from scratch.

You don't need to be a programmer, just follow the steps. By the end of the course you can have any landing page or static site up and running, cheaply.

Send & Receive Emails From Your Domain

Often you will want to send or receive emails from your landing page domain name. I show you how to register your custom domain name with both Fastmail and Google Apps.
You may wish to register for either of these services anyway.

Email Capture Forms

If your landing page is for lead generation, you need to capture visitor email addresses. I show you how to register for the MailChimp service and implement their email capture form on your landing page. You can then use these email addresses for marketing and newsletters etc.
Learn more about MailChimp's email services, below.

Visitor Behaviour Analytics

Who are these customers visiting your landing page? Where do they come from? What do they do when they are on the page? I teach you how to add tracking so that you can analyse your visitor traffic and behaviour. Get fantastically valuable and actionable insights.
Find out more about the Inspectlet service I use for this.

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